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Getting Started with the API

A brief guide to working with Atlas AI's Data API


The Atlas AI API is a RESTful API that allows access to Atlas AI's products and datasets. This documentation will cover the steps necessary to download data from the Atlas AI API, but will not provide documentation of the products available through the API. If you seek additional information not provided in this documentation, please see our other guides below.


Access to the Atlas AI API is gated through the use of API tokens. Most requests to get information on available data requires an HTTPS request that contains a valid API token in the header file. API Tokens are created when a user registers and retrieved when a user authenticates. A user must validate their email before their API token becomes valid. To check the validity of an API token, use the validate-api-key endpoint.

Enumerating Available Data

Once a user has a valid API token, they have access to a variety of endpoints to view and download Atlas AI products. Datasets are organized by the outcome that they measure, called the indicator, the granularity of the measurement, called the aggregation level, and by the time period over which the measurement is made, called the time period. A list of available datasets can be enumerated using the datasets endpoint and a list of available inidcators can be accessed through the indicator endpoint. Specific workflows can be found in the examples section of this documentation.

Querying Data

Currently, all data downloads are handled through a single endpoint, the dataset-extract endpoint. The dataset-extract endpoint can be used to download data over a user provided region for any available dataset. The dataset-extract endpoint will send an email to the user with a link to download the requested data once the request has been completed.

How to get support

Atlas AI provides support for bugfixes and guidance on using the API. Contact the team at

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