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Getting Started

A brief note about Atlas AI's Data

Atlas AI provides intelligence on agriculture, infrastructure, and economic well being across the African continent. Our technology integrates the latest advances in remote sensing and artificial intelligence with high-quality data from the field. We support enterprises, governments, and investors operating in emerging markets in their decision making processes.

Our asset wealth data layer (2003-2006) for Africa is now open to public access. More information about this data is available in the ‘Data Layers’ section of this documentation. This data can be utilized by enterprises, research organizations, and governments to understand patterns in economic well being, community growth and settlement, and to enable effective targeting of social welfare programs. A future data release will also include our maize yield and wealth growth rate (2003-2018) data layers.

Currently, users have two alternatives to explore and utilize our data:

  1. The demo: With this option, users can visualize a small fraction of our data layers - the high resolution estimates are limited to specific regions of Kenya. The demo option does not allow users to download any data.
  2. A registered user account: With this option, users can see the full dataset for our asset wealth layer for 2003-2006 and can also download it.

After creating a registered account, users can access our data either through our User Interface, or through our API. This documentation provides more details about how to use each of these options.

Watch a quick demo video of our User Interface below.

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