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User Interface basics

A brief guide to using Atlas AI's UI

Add Data to Map

NOTE: to see all the open access datasets, a user must have verified their email after signup.

To add a data layer to map:

  1. Click on ‘Add layers’. A dialog box will appear, displaying available layers.
  2. Add desired layer to map by clicking on ‘Add to Map’.
  3. Click on ‘Close’ to close the dialog box. You will see the data layer on the map. You can use the Zoom to Layer icon in the upper right corner of the data pane to zoom to layer.

Re-order Data Layers on Map

To change the order in which data layers are visualized on the map, use the ‘up’ or ‘down’ arrow key icons in the upper right corner ( Zoom to Layer ) of the data panes.

Adjust Transparency

To adjust transparency of a data layer, use the slide bar ( Zoom to Layer ) provided in the data pane.

Data Layer Options

To choose between different year(s) and aggregation levels, use the drop down menus ( Zoom to Layer and Zoom to Layer ) provided in the data pane. If certain year(s) and/or aggregation levels are grayed-out in the drop down menus, it means that those options are currently not available.

Provide Feedback

We would love to hear from you! To send us any feedback, please use the ‘Feedback’ button at the far right of your window. You will see a pop up at the bottom right of the window (shown below), where you can enter a title, your email, and a message. In addition to these details, we will also receive a snapshot of your UI window.

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You can also use the ‘Text’, ‘Pen’, ‘Arrow’, and ‘Blackout’ options to mark the UI. We will be able to see what you’ve marked on the snapshot of your window.

  • With the ‘Text’ option, you can add text along with a bounding box around your region of interest.
  • With the ‘Pen’ option, you can draw/write on the UI.
  • With the ‘Arrow’ option, you can place arrows anywhere on the UI.
  • With the ‘Blackout' option, you can hide areas on the UI.
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