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We bring world-class AI solutions to sustainable development.

Product features.

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Hyperlocal Data

Access high resolution datasets at continental scale on economic wellbeing, agricultural producivity, and infrastructure quality.

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Web Platform

Explore data layers interactively, do visual comparisons, export data from ROIs, or run our analytics UI.

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Query, download, and combine datasets to generate new insights prgrammatically. Integrate Atlas AI's capabilities in your workflow.

Explore our data platform.

Atlas AI hyperlocal datasets are accessible through our web platform at the pixel level and in aggregated form.


Economic Wellbeing

Explore Atlas AI's continent-level data layers on economic wellbeing, including asset wealth and consumption at a resolution of 2 km per pixel.

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Dive into our best-in-class large scale estimates of crop area and yield at a 10 m per pixel resolution.

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Coming soon: our continental-scale estimates of infrastructure quality at 2 km per pixel. These include road quality, access to electricity, sewerage, and water.

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