Economic intelligence for data-sparse environments

Plan and monitor high stakes investments

Analyze pan-Africa datasets to gain deeper insight into distributed infrastructure, agribusiness, social welfare programs and more.

Infrastructure Access and Quality

Grid Connectivity

Measure the pace of electrification at continent scale

Electricity Consumption

Estimate demand for electricity and the growth in consumption

More Layers Under Development

Electricity grid maps, road network maps, and demand forecasting for telecom services

Economic Livelihood and Population

Asset Wealth

Measured prosperity, and growth in asset wealth, down to the village-level, estimated by asset ownership and housing quality


USD per day estimates of consumption per capita and by demographic segments

Population Density

Publicly sourced population density data available to overlay against other proprietary measures


Scalable by Design

On-demand crop monitoring and large-scale crop area and yield estimates for current and past growing seasons anywhere at a 10m spatial resolution

Crop Variability

Understand field-by-field variations across both time and productivity


Each layer comes with additional metadata to give better context at a resolution of 2 km per pixel.

How we do it

We use the latest advances in remote sensing, machine learning, and ground-truth data collection to generate insights into agricultural productivity, infrastructure quality, and economic well-being in emerging markets. Illustrating recorded patterns beginning in 2003, these insights appear as color-rich contours of high-resolution data presented at continental scale.

From Our ML Pipeline

To the Data Layers

Resulting in Actionable Insights