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Atlas AI develops high-quality and high-resolution data for data sparse environments. We advance research developed at Stanford University centered on the application of cutting edge AI techniques in the fields of Earth Science and Development Economics. Scientific rigor, reliability and transparency are at the center of everything we do.


Our collaborations strive to continuously advance the science and innovative AI methodologies. Together with our partners, we are building tools and data to support more resilient, sustainable, and equitable economies. 

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National Science Foundation

SBIR Phase I and Phase II awards enabling technical research toward the development of yield forecasting models based on satellite observations.

The 50x 2030 Initiative

Integrating satellites and surveys for high resolution crop type mapping and crop yield estimation in resource constrained settings.

World Bank - Spatial Anonymization

Assessing the tradeoffs between the spatial anonymization of survey data and the accuracy of high-resolution poverty predictions.

World Bank - Ethiopia

Developing and testing machine learning approaches to predict poverty rates and welfare related indicators.

Kenya Food Security War Room

Creating sub-national maize yield estimates following the 2016-2019 long rain harvest seasons for the Ministry of Agriculture.

ECAAS Technical Advisory Group

Working to identify major technical opportunities and challenges in the advancement of crop analytics for smallholder farmers.

Case Studies

Whether you manage a business, investment fund, research lab, or development initiative, we can help you target the most promising opportunities, identify your blind spots, maximize your success, growth, and impact when expanding to new markets.

Measuring Economic Growth From Space

Why and how is it valuable if your organization operates in emerging markets?

Expanding Energy Access

Where are the most attractive markets in East Africa for energy providers?

COVID-19 Countdown

What is the most safe, efficient and equitable vaccine distribution plan for Africa?

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