We’re on a mission to better distribute the world's resources

4 Billion

without internet

2.4 Billion

without food security

4 Billion

without basic sanitation

~2 Billion

without banking

4 Billion

without health services

~1 Billion

without electricity

The next growth phase for most organizations will be in underserved markets. But, the only way to reach them right now is by using a disparate set of tools and data that don’t play well together and stop short of offering a full understanding of consumer demand.

Investments and attention have focused on a few places with guaranteed returns, while the rest of the market is put on the sidelines.

For us, a better tomorrow is an equitable and sustainable tomorrow

We believe we can get there by helping deliver products and services in the most hard-to-reach regions of the world. We work with organizations dedicated to boosting access to energy, financial products, healthcare, water and sanitation, education, and internet among other essential services by helping identify where the demand is and where they can drive the most impact and growth.

Some of the most common struggles organizations face are:

1. What market attributes most influence my company’s performance today?

2. Where exactly is the market opportunity for my organization?

3. What practical decisions and actions can my organization take to capture new opportunities?

We build data and software for a changing planet

We first need to understand how the world works. We built data to get unprecedented visibility into human and economic activities across the globe such as population growth, spending power and infrastructure location, accessibility and reliability.

Venn diagram highlighting Atlas AI value overlap between internal customer data and market data overviewAtlas AI's offerings stack

We then built the technology that connects information about how markets evolve to your organization’s own performance to empower you to make better business decisions. We developed a user-friendly, conversational & actionable data analytics solution to support your enterprise with data-based decision making.

Our Demand Intelligence Approach

1. We build proprietary datasets and predictive models

We overcome data disparity and scarcity using the most innovative remote sensing and machine learning techniques to assess market conditions where information isn't available.

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2. We combine, process and analyze your data with our data

We infuse your enterprise’s historical performance metrics and combine it with our datasets on human and economic market conditions to find new demand, grow revenue and reduce risks.

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3. We run our complex models over one city or a whole continent

We identify and prioritize new market opportunities with similar indicators to your best performing markets and we go granular at 1 km x 1 km resolution.

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4. We translate data analytics into business insights and applicable actions

We make our data actionable and accessible to determine market demand, pricing strategies, inventory availability and workforce planning to maximize your ROI & accelerate time-to-market.

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