Monitoring drivers of economic development across the emerging markets

Our software measures economic and infrastructure conditions across Africa, informing how capital can be deployed to drive forward economic progress.


Generating unique insights at the intersection of Agriculture, Infrastructure & Economic Livelihood with proprietary data

Infrastructure Planning and Monitoring

Determine optimal locations for siting energy access projects and prioritizing road network upgrades

New Market Prioritization

Assess the potential and relevance of new retail and distribution markets

Development Program Targeting and Impact Assessment

Apply high resolution poverty maps, population estimates and other data layers to determine optimal program footprints and estimate economic impact over time

Atlas AI in Action

Maize Forecasting in Kenya

In support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Cooperatives’ Food Security War Room during COVID-19, Atlas AI developed a series of sub-national maize yield estimates, including estimates of maize acreage and expected yield for 20 counties following the 2016-2019 long rain harvest seasons.

Model Building in Ethiopia

As part of the DARPA World Modelers program we enable analysts to rapidly build models to analyze questions relevant to international food security. This initiative encompasses poverty mapping, cropping systems, and more.

Crop Mapping in Malawi and Ethiopia

We are working with the World Bank Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) team in support of the 50x2030 Initiative to design an integrated field and satellite program to develop nationwide estimates of crop area and yields.

We leverage key partnerships to maximize the impact of our technology.

The Rockefeller Foundation
World Bank Group

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