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Pushing the frontier of applied geospatial AI

Atlas AI blends cutting-edge science with planetary-scale geospatial infrastructure to unlock GeoAI for every enterprise.

GeoAI Has Finally Joined

the Modern Data Stack
Proprietary Data
Thousands of features track human and planetary change, all in one integrated fabric.
Model features are always up to date, cleaned, and ready for analysis, saving weeks of ETL.
No more blending last year's map layers — 
Atlas AI models are designed to predict future opportunity and risk.
Data, Models, Tools, Action:
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Socio-Demographic Features
Change Indicators & Forecasts
The Most Comprehensive View of Life on a Changing Planet
Petabytes of raw data from satellites, surveys, 
and sensors processed by Atlas AI models yield thousands of analysis-ready indicators. Monitor 
and forecast development patterns around the 
world: where people live, where wealth and poverty 
are concentrated, how the physical makeup of communities is evolving, and more.
Geospatial Feature Store
Analysis-Ready Features from Every Source that Matters
Eliminate the arduous work of geospatial ETL, bringing together data resources from your various systems and vendors into a single feature store that is always up to date and ready for analysis.
Geospatial AI Model Library
Forecast, Optimize, Recommend: Unlock Predictive Geo-Analysis
Access dozens of GeoAI model templates, proven 
in production environments and ready to power analytical workloads ranging from demand forecasting to network optimization.
Enterprise Data Science Tools
Bringing AIOps to the Geospatial Era
Designed for direct integration with core Enterprise Cloud and BI systems, Atlas AI tools enable end-to-end development, validation, deployment, scaling, and monitoring of GeoAI models.
Need more help? Our solutions team can manage the development, fine tuning and deployment of models in partnership with your team.
Our Research
Built from decades of research leadership in Geospatial AI

Nov 2021

Remote Sensing

Understanding the Requirements for Surveys to Support Satellite-Based Crop Type Mapping: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Azzari G, Jain S, Jeffries G, Kilic T, Murray S

Aug 2021

Remote Sensing

Twice Is Nice: The Benefits of Two Ground Measures for Evaluating the Accuracy of Satellite-Based Sustainability Estimates

Lobell DB, Di Tommaso S, Burke M, Kilic T

Mar 2021


Using satellite imagery to understand and promote sustainable development

Burke M, Driscoll A, Lobell D, Earmon S