Ex-Head of Google Cloud Public Sector, Shannon Sullivan, Joins Atlas AI Advisory Board

Atlas AI

Palo Alto, CA

Atlas AI, a leader in geospatial artificial intelligence, is proud to announce the addition of Shannon Sullivan to its Advisory Board.  Shannon's extensive experience at the intersection of technology and government sectors will play a crucial role in bolstering Atlas AI's growth in the US Public Sector market.

"I am thrilled to welcome Shannon Sullivan to our Advisory Board,” remarked Abe Tarapani, CEO of Atlas AI.  “Shannon's experience and deep understanding of the US government’s unique needs will undoubtedly be a major asset in guiding Atlas AI's continued success and innovation in the public sector market."

Shannon's distinguished career includes four decades of service in the military and industry, primarily focusing on acquisition and sales roles.  At Google, Shannon led various teams for 12 years, including the entire federal cloud business. Under his leadership, Google Cloud grew significantly in the public sector, securing top positions on multi-billion dollar contracts for intelligence and defense. Prior to joining Google, he was the Air Force and Army Sales Director at Oracle and the DoD Sales Director at BEA Systems.

"Federal and military leaders are confronted with a perfect storm of change," said Sullivan. “Geopolitical tensions, environmental impacts, economic fluctuations, and shifting development patterns are outpacing the capabilities of traditional tools and information sources. Atlas AI’s geo-analytical platform is constantly adapting to this dynamic and potentially destabilizing environment, enabling analysts and operators to anticipate and respond to rapidly evolving conditions on the ground, as well as plan strategically for the future."

With Shannon on board, Atlas AI reaffirms its dedication to leveraging geospatial AI for societal good, ensuring that the company’s customers continue to be well-equipped to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable global growth story.

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