Feature Release: Data and Image Exports

Anais Tadlaoui

Since launching Aperture™, our analytics platform that brings together economic, demographic, agriculture and infrastructure datasets to help private enterprises expand their business, international development organizations and governments further their impact, and academia advance their research, we received great feedback from clients and collaborators like the World Bank and the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, on what would help for better decision making.

One of the most common points of feedback was to have access to these proprietary datasets in a non-geospatial context; chiefly, as a CSV file so it can be easily used with other datasets in our customers’ portfolios. Having our data from work in tandem with your own datasets is an important priority for us. As we improve our product line, we want seamless interoperability to be the norm.

For instance, if you’re a CPG company trying to understand how to define the sales territories for your regional managers, you might want to combine our socioeconomic datasets (demographic, asset wealth and consumption datasets) along with your own internal data to determine market sizing and optimal area divisions.

We’re proud to announce that our team has been working over the last few weeks to build a data export pipeline to allow for just that…and then some.

To start, as you filter for the areas and data layers you care most about, there is now an easy way to download an export. For example, you can search or filter for areas with Asset Wealth between the 33rd and 66th percentile and a population density of at least 55 people per square kilometer. This might be needed to understand which areas are most relevant for your product or service.

Downloading an entire continent’s worth of data might be a bit much for your needs, so we developed an easy way to highlight the zones you care most about and download the corresponding information into a CSV.

You can check the status of any download as well as request an expired download in the “My Downloads” section on the app. (We keep your requested export data on our platform for 30 days to help manage our storage costs.)

But wait, there’s more!

We found that our clients and collaborators need to convey certain results in a visual manner for their presentation or collateral. To this end, you can now also download a PNG image for what’s seen on the map with the applied layers and/or the selected areas. This eliminates the need to screenshot our application and manually remove map components or the side panel!

We will be releasing the data and image export features over the next week or so. Sign up to access our publicly available data and be the first to know about new features release here.

Looking ahead

We’re also excited to release more novel and unique datasets over the next few weeks to provide even more meaningful information for our customers to be able to make better decisions, whether that’s identifying investment opportunities for market expansion or zones of vulnerability most in need of aid dispatchments.

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