Nutrition International partners with Atlas AI to leverage artificial intelligence platform to enhance global nutrition programs

Nutrition International has joined forces with Atlas AI, embarking on a partnership that melds artificial intelligence with the critical mission of improving nutrition worldwide. This partnership aims to transform the landscape of public health by introducing cutting-edge machine-learning and geospatial technologies to enhance the efficiency, reach and climate resilience of nutrition programs, particularly in low-and middle-income countries.

May 15, 2024

Ottawa, CANADA – Nutrition International, a global leader in delivering low-cost, high impact nutrition interventions and Atlas AI, specialists in applying artificial intelligence for sustainable growth, have partnered to leverage machine-learning and geospatial technologies for improving nutrition programs around the globe. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the way nutrition services are delivered to those in dire need, ensuring interventions effectively reach populations who are living in vulnerable situations and remain agile in response to new challenges posed by increasingly volatile climate trends.

“Embracing technology is crucial in our fight against malnutrition,” said Dr. Mandana Arabi, Vice President, Global Technical Services and Chief Technical Advisor at Nutrition International. “This partnership with Atlas AI will enable us to refine our program targeting and implementation, ensuring we deliver life-saving nutrition interventions more efficiently than ever before.”

As part of the collaboration, Nutrition International and Atlas AI have fine-tuned Atlas AI’s Geospatial AI platform to predict the locations of  households at risk of being missed by the health system and/or not receiving the health and nutrition services essential for child survival and preventing malnutrition. This tool is expected to transform the delivery of public health interventions by facilitating better targeting.

Visualization of high resolution risk indicators for the Republic of Malawi

"The fusion of Nutrition International’s deep understanding of nutritional needs and our geospatial analytics capability will lead to improved health outcomes for the world’s most vulnerable populations,” said Vivek Sakhrani, PhD, Vice President of Data & Analytics at Atlas AI, who emphasized the impact of combining expert insight with AI technology.

This partnership is built on shared values of leveraging technology for advancing public health, commitment to evidence-based innovation and locally adapted solutions. It not only aims to advance the global nutrition agenda but also to enhance the capacity of the broader nutrition sector.

Beyond its immediate goals, the partnership between Nutrition International and Atlas AI embodies a broader vision for the future of public health. By integrating AI and geospatial analytics into the set of tools used for the design and planning of nutrition interventions, the collaboration seeks to not only address current nutritional challenges but also to build a more resilient and equitable system for delivering health services to the world's most vulnerable countries.

Image Credits: Nutrition International, Atlas AI

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